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Movie Night Buddies Gift Box for Dog Owners

Movie Night Buddies Gift Box for Dog Owners

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Roll Out the Red Carpet for a Pawsitively Perfect Movie Night with Our Tail-Wagging Gift Box! Whether it's a cozy night in, a birthday celebration, or just because, this cinematic treat is designed to delight both the movie buff and their four-legged companion.

For the humans, enjoy a delightful assortment of movie night classics – from Milk Duds and Red Vines to Sweet Tarts and popcorn with adorable popcorn bags. Meanwhile, your pup gets a starring role in the fun with Mutt-duds treats, Pup-tarts dog treats, a Hollywood-themed squeaky toy, and a paw-licking good Pup-corn baked and decorated dog treat. It's a blockbuster celebration for both the film enthusiast and their canine co-star!

As you dim the lights and press play, here's to the joy of shared moments, laughter, and the simple pleasures that make movie nights memorable. Lights, camera, action!

Product Details:
Human: 1 bag of Microwavable Popcorn, 2 paper popcorn bags, sweet tarts, red vines, milk duds
Dog: Hollywoof Plush Toy, PupTarts Dog Candy, Mutt Duds Dog Candy, Pup-Corn Baked Treat

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