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Best Gift Baskets of 2021

I often say I wish everyone could read the gift messages we send with our gifts. It shows to me that America has a kind and caring soul, and that it is unshakable. Thank you for all the kind and thoughtful gestures you have made for others over the course of this year. In my books, you are all heroes. 

That said, here are the Best Sellers of 2021. They are all GREAT choices, and I am certain they have lifted up those who have received them!

Your Holiday Gift List - Don't Get Caught Without a Gift!

With the holidays upon us, there is no time to lose when it comes to attacking your holiday gift list. Supply chain issues along with delays in shipping could create some heartbreaks this holiday when it comes to finding and getting gifts delivered on time. This is the year to preparing in advance and not procrastinate! Don't miss out on getting a great gift for each of the important people in your life! 

The Best Gift Baskets of 2020

It has been an unusual year due to Covid, unable to see loved ones for Weddings, Birthdays, Graduation, and so much more, there has been an incredible undercurrent of appreciation and demonstration of that. So it is with great pleasure, that we share with you the Best Gift Baskets of 2020!

Wine Baskets with a Taste of California

You just spent a glorious vacation with good friends or family. Now you need to send them a thank you gift and you want it to be great, something they will appreciate and remember. We have a special collection of Wine Gift Baskets for exactly this occasion.  Send a taste of California with one of these popular and beautiful wine gift baskets. 

5 Best Welcome Gifts for New Employee

You want to show your new employee that you appreciate having them there and look forward to working with them. More importantly, you want to show them the best of your company and instill a sense of loyalty in them. The best way to do this is with a great new employee gift. In fact, a study by Harvard Business Review actually showed that employees responded to gifts more positively than they responded to bonuses.1 So it’s an even more positive gesture when you get a gift just for walking in on your first day. It’s about recognition, which is why you should beware a gift that feels impersonal or last minute.

No Graduation Ceremony? Celebrate Anyway with a Graduation Gift Basket!

My son is in this 2020 class of graduates. It has been a bitter pill for him to miss his senior spring with his close friends, the final season of sports on the field, and the opportunity to graduate in person with friends and family.

Whether it’s college, high school, or even kindergarten, graduation is a big milestone. Make graduation special for your loved ones with a graduation gift basket to brighten their day and show them how proud you are of them!

5 Gifts for Nurses: The Best Gift Baskets to lift their spirits

Many of us yearn to say thanks. I have been uplifted by the incredibly thoughtful gift messages that have seen sent over the past two months. America has a soul, and it is kind and generous.  None stand out more than the kind words of appreciation sent to Nurses across the country. If you feel the need to send a gift of appreciation for this under appreciated profession (my mother was a Nurse), we thought we would suggest some great Gift Baskets to send that will let you safely show them your love and appreciation.

5 Great Gifts for Father’s Day

Most of us are much better at coming up with great ideas and presents for Mom, making Father's Day gifts seem pedestrian by comparison. Making sure that he is recognized like he deserves to be can be a challenge — especially if your dad is notoriously hard to shop for. 

The Best Mother's Day Gift Baskets

Whether you’re shopping for your mother or the mother of your children a gift basket from The Best Gift Baskets can be the perfect gift to make sure she feels appreciated and loved on her special day! Looking for the best gift basket for the mothers in your life? Here are some of our recommendations. 

Top 10 Best Gift Baskets of 2019: The Best of the Best

The Best Gift Baskets brings you just that: the very best gift baskets! This list is of the Top 10 best gift baskets of 2019 according to sales, consumer feedback, and our expert opinion! Are you searching for a great gift for a loved one? Here are our favorite suggestions to help you celebrate special occasions and say thank you!

What a Gift Basket Means to a Long Distance Friend

Long distance friendships are tough and can make you realize that you take the ease of interaction with your local friends for granted. A gift basket is a wonderful way to show a long distance friend that you care and can mean the world to them on a bad day.

California Themed Gifts For All Occasions

Why choose California themed gifts for your corporate occasion? You don’t have to be in California to enjoy California themed gifts. You don’t even have to be from California, although a gift basket from your home state can certainly be a welcome comfort if that’s the case.  We believe California themed gifts are perfect for all corporate occasions and highlight occasions in which a California gift basket is just the ticket.