5 Best Gift Baskets of 2022

5 Best Gift Baskets of 2022

Best Gift Baskets of 2022

The Best Gift Baskets

While we are grateful for the passing of the pandemic, in many respects, 2022 has felt harder than 2021. Higher gas prices. Supply chain issues. Inflation.

But through it all, everyone is doing whatever they feel is comfortable to return to normal. Seeing friends. Visiting family. Returning to work and seeing colleagues some of us have not seen in years. There is a lot to be thankful for! 

We see it in the heart warming gift messages people are sending with their gifts. Even though it sometimes seems society doesn't care, people do. They send thoughtful gifts and thank you's to the vet who helped their sick dog; the teacher who came back to in-classroom teaching; the friend who hosted them for summer vacation; the colleagues who have continued to make progress under difficult circumstances. They are all so heartwarming and inspiring!!

So now, on to our Best Sellers of 2022. There has been a lot of change on the list from last year, mostly due to supply chain issues we have continued to experience along with rising costs, which we have tried not to pass on to you, although some prices have risen. Bottom line, you cannot go wrong with any of these gifts!!

#1.  A Taste of Napa Wine Gift Basket

A Taste of Napa Gift Basket

A perennial favorite, with two California Reds along with snacks like mustards and cheese on bruschetta crisps or sweet Ghirardelli chocolate squares. This gift basket is fantastic to share! Its beautiful design also gives a real holiday feel!

#2. Napa Cellars California Gourmet Gift Basket

Napa Cellers California Gourmet Gift Basket

Even though it has been hard to keep this gift in stock, it still rises to number 2 on our list this year! It is the wine that makes this basket so popular. A variety of Napa Cellars wines with just enough goodies to snack on, this gift ALWAYS makes an incredible impression! 

#3. A Taste of California Wine Gift Basket

This gift is always one of our best sellers. Great value and fun California theme are two of the reasons it is so popular. You might want to order two! One to give and one for yourself!!  

#4. California Golden Gourmet Wine Gift Basket

Beautiful presentation is the hall mark of this incredible gift basket!  With three California Wines (2 red and 1 white), complimented with gourmet goodies, this gift is another one they will remember!!! 

#5. California Sierra Grandeur Wine Gift Basket - $249.95

California Sierra Grandeur Wine Gift Basket

For those looking for a grand gift, this one is sure to deliver! With five bottles of California wine (2 red, 2 white, and 1 sparkling), and enough goodies to feed an army, it is no wonder that this gift has risen into the top five on our list!!

Looking for something different? Be sure to check out some of our other best selling gift baskets

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