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Paw-spresso Coffee Buddies Gift Box for Dog Owners

Paw-spresso Coffee Buddies Gift Box for Dog Owners

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Brew Up Some Canine and Coffee Bliss with Our Tail-Wagging Coffee Connoisseur's Gift Box! Ideal for any occasion – be it a thank you, a birthday surprise, or a thoughtful gesture. This delightful gift brings together the joy of coffee for the human and the pup!

For the coffee enthusiast, indulge in the rich flavors of Napa Valley Coffee, sipped from a sleek black coffee mug. Complement your coffee experience with cold brew-flavored popcorn and decadent chocolate-covered nuts. Meanwhile, your pup gets a caffeine-free celebration with a Cinnabun plush toy, a coffee cup plush toy, a delightful 'Woof' donut treat, and a Puppuccino baked treat. It's a perfect blend of joy for both the coffee lover and their canine companion!

As you savor each sip and share in the playful moments, here's to the warmth of coffee and the companionship of our four-legged friends. Cheers to coffee breaks and tail-wagging happiness!

Product Details:
Human: Napa Valley Coffee 2oz, qty 2, Black Coffee Mug, Chocolate Covered Nuts, Cold Brew Coffee
Dog: Woof Donut Treat, Pupuchino Baked Treat, Cinnabun Plush Toy, Paw-fee Plush Toy

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