What a Gift Basket Means to a Long Distance Friend

What a Gift Basket Means to a Long Distance Friend

Long Distance Friend Gift Basket

Long-distance friendships are tough and can make you realize that you take the ease of interaction with your local friends for granted. It’s harder to celebrate a long-distance friend’s successes when you can’t take them out for drinks and you can’t make them dinner when they’re sick and you can’t sit on the couch with them when they’re going through a bad breakup. That said, a gift basket from The Best Gift Baskets is a great way to show your long-distance friend some love when you can’t be there for them in person. A gift basket is a wonderful way to show a long-distance friend that you care and can mean the world to them on a bad day.


Celebration Time


Has your long-distance friend told you about something exciting? Did they get a new job or promotion, a book deal, or buy a new house? While you might want to take them out for drinks or dinner, a champagne gift basket can be a great way to celebrate with your bestie when you can’t be there in person. Imagine your friend’s surprise when they get the delivery and see your congratulatory note about their accomplishments. This is a great way to let them know you’re thinking of them and cheering them on from afar. You’ll feel great knowing that you made sure your bestie was able to celebrate their success with wine and sweet and savory treats.

Get Well Soon

It’s tough when someone you love is sick and it’s even worse when you can’t be there to help them around the house. Sending a gift basket to a loved one who lives far away can be a great way to make sure they get a little extra care. This Doctor’s Orders Get Well Gift Basket is a great option for when your friend is sick. It comes with soup, tea, and enough indulgences to cheer them up while they get well. It even comes with a book of puzzles to help them fight off boredom while they get better. This book subscription from Cratejoy called Coffee and a Classic is another great option to help you lift your friend’s spirits when they aren’t feeling well.


Lift Their Spirits

Friends are always important but they can be even more so when you’re going through a difficult time, like a break up. Chances are that your bestie has seen you through a breakup or two and you would surely love to be there for them like they always had your back. Unfortunately, if you two live states away it isn’t as simple as watching bad movies on their couch while you eat too much fast food and delete every picture of their ex off of all social media. The Decadent Chocolate Gift Basket will be there when you can’t be. Chocolate will help them forget their troubles and will let you know they realize you care. This Coordinates Bracelet from NikkiandNibby on Etsy is a great gift to send along with your care package and can remind them that they have a loving friend, even if they can’t see you as often as you would both like.

Sometimes it’s difficult to make it through a long distance friendship — however a gift basket can help you send your love even if you can’t be there. Whether it’s a celebration gift, a get well package, or something to soothe their spirits during a hard time, Best Gift Baskets can send your love and affection wherever your friends might go.
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