Top 10 Best Gift Baskets of 2019: The Best of the Best

Top 10 Best Gift Baskets of 2019: The Best of the Best

The Best Gift Baskets is pleased to bring you our list of the Top 10 best gift baskets of 2019 according to sales, consumer feedback, and our expert opinion. Are you searching for a great gift for a loved one? Here are our favorite suggestions to help you celebrate special occasions and say thank you!


1) California Wine and Beer Gift Basket

California Wine and Craft Beer Gift Basket

The Best Selling Basket of 2019, this gift has something for everyone and feature California wine and craft beer. This gift basket can be enjoyed together, lending itself toward an evening of quality time while you share a bottle of wine and catch up on life together. It comes with loads of fun snacks that would be perfect for sharing while you catch up on a movie marathon you’ve been meaning to have with an old friend!


2) Napa Cellars California Wine Gift Basket

Napa Cellers California Wine Gift Basket

This new basket has all sorts of goodies that people will love! Three bottles of wine with bread, cheese, chocolate, and other treats make for a fantastic gift that you’ll be proud to give. This basket is perfect for lots of different occasions like birthdays or holidays but is also great for times when you want to congratulate someone on their successes. It could be the perfect gift to send as a housewarming gift or for a retirement party!


3) A Taste Of Napa Valley Wine Gift Basket

Are you on a tighter budget but still want to give a beautiful wine gift basket? This basket features two bottles of wine and lots of goodies at a great value. This could be a great gift to leave for your guests at a rental property if you own a vacation rental to make sure that your guests feel at home — just make sure that they’re of age! Friends and family will also love the small indulgences in the basket including decadent Ghirardelli Chocolate.


4) Baby Grand Veuve Clicquot Champagne Gift Basket

Do you want to send an indulgent gift that will make the recipient feel extra special? Try sending this gift basket which features a bottle of Veuve Cliquot Champagne and sweet and savory treats! This is the perfect gift to send a loved one for a celebration such as an engagement or a new job. You could also surprise your favorite newlyweds by sending this gift basket to the hotel for their honeymoon!


5) Classic Office Thank You Gift Basket

Classic Office Thank You Gift Basket

Do you want to send a gift where wine isn’t appropriate, like to your office or to anyone who doesn’t drink? The Classic Office Thank You basket is a wonderful choice full of gourmet treats and chocolate indulgences. This large basket can be a crowd pleaser- meaning it’s perfect to bring into the office and keep in the kitchen so everyone can enjoy it on their breaks. It would also be great to bring to a family holiday party- snacks before the big dinner would be settled!


6) Taste Of California Wine Gift Basket

One of the best gift baskets lets gift recipients enjoy a red and a white wine! Both wines come from California and are accompanied by chocolate, olives, and other goodies. Along with the wine, consider sending a personal gift like this Wine Cork Holder shaped like a monogrammed letter from Will’s Wine Accessories on Etsy!


7) Best of the West Gourmet Wine Gift Basket

Best of the West Gourmet Wine Gift Basket

Do you want to send a gift that will make a huge splash? If you want to be sure your gift will impress, the Best of the West Gourmet Wine Gift Basket is the perfect choice. It includes two bottles of wine in addition to delicious treats like chocolate covered cherries and truffles that will wow whoever receives your gift!


8) California Delicious Wine Gift Basket

California Delicious Wine Gift Basket

Do you need a gourmet treat for a client or coworker to show your appreciation? The California Delicious Wine Gift Basket is the perfect choice to say thank you. This is a gift they will definitely remember and they will surely keep your generosity in mind for any future business! This gift is also great for friends and family and can be the answer you need when trying to finish your holiday shopping!


9) California Golden Gourmet Wine Gift Basket

Are you looking for a gift for someone who adores chocolate? You’re already off to a great start when you order this basket for them which contains different types of chocolate truffles and cookies. That said there’s more to this basket than sweets! There is also wine, cheese, and other savory treats that will put a smile on anyone’s face!


10) California Artisanal Gourmet Gift Basket

California Artisanal Gourmet Gift Basket

The California Artisanal Gourmet Gift Basket rounds out our Top 10 list. This is another option that doesn’t include wine meaning it can be a great gift for anyone! Instead of wine this gift basket includes delicious sparkling apple cider in addition to great treats like dried fruits and nuts and chocolate squares. You get a great assortment of goodies and the knowledge that you’re sending out a crowd-pleaser.

Don’t quite see what you had in mind? Check out The Best Gift Baskets and browse through delicious offerings to find the perfect gift. Whether it’s a thank you, a birthday present, a retirement gift, or something special for the holidays, you’ll love the smile on the recipients face when they see their goodies!

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