Can't be There? Celebrate Anyway with a Graduation Gift Basket!

Can't be There? Celebrate Anyway with a Graduation Gift Basket!

Graduation Gift Baskets 2020


Whether it’s college, high school, or even kindergarten, graduation is a big milestone in people’s lives.

If you want to make graduation special for one of your loved ones while following safe social distancing guidelines, you may want to consider sending them a graduation gift basket to brighten their day and show them how proud you are of them!


1. Wine and Craft Beer Gift Basket 

California Wine and Craft Beer Gift Basket

Do you want to send a little bit of everything to your loved one? The California Wine and Craft Beer Gift Basket is a great way to send an assortment of goodies to the graduate in your life. This basket features a bottle of California Cabernet Sauvignon wine and four great craft beers. In addition to drinks, this basket contains great savory snacks like pretzels, almonds, and crackers. This is a great way to send some cheer their way and show them that you’re thinking about their achievement. 


2. Dom Perignon Champagne Gift Basket 


When someone very important to you achieves a major life goal like graduating from college or even finishing grad school, you will want to make sure you send them something very special. This gift basket contains a bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne that can be enjoyed with the various other treats in the basket, like sugar cookies and French truffles. This special basket is perfect for your significant other or a close family member.


3. Grand Gourmet Celebration Gift Basket 

Grand Gourmet Celebration Gift Basket

This is a great gift basket to send to anyone and does not feature alcohol — meaning it’s perfect to send to someone who does not drink as well as high school graduates. This Celebration Gift Basket has it all, meaning that this can be a great treat to send to a family celebration that the graduate will be able to enjoy from their home with their immediate family. 


4. California Craft Beer Gift Basket 

California Craft Beer Gift Basket

Are you missing going to your favorite local taproom or pub to try craft beers with one of your friends? If they’re graduating from college, sending them a Beer Gift Basket that contains a six-pack of Lagunitas IPA beer will remind them of times that you have enjoyed together and will let them know that in the future you will spend more great quality time together. In addition to the craft beer, this basket contains pub snacks like beef sticks, chocolate covered popcorn, and nuts.


5. California Gourmet Wine Gift Basket 

Napa Cellars California Gourmet Wine Gift Basket

Do you want to make a big impression on the new college graduate in your life? One great way to do that is to gift them the Napa Cellars California Gourmet Wine Gift Basket which will give them three bottles of wine from the Napa Cellars Vineyard plus an assortment of snacks and treats to enjoy while they are celebrating their graduation at home with their family. This basket contains savory snacks like cheeses and crackers and sweets like truffles and chocolates that will put anyone in a good mood.

Even in these times where we can’t all be together, it’s important to mark special occasions and let others know that we’re thinking about them even when we’re apart. When you can't be there in person, The Best Gift Baskets will send your love where you need to be. Check out our selection today.
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