5 Great Gifts for Father’s Day

5 Great Gifts for Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day

Whether it’s teaching you how to walk as a baby or teaching you to drive as a teenager, fathers deserve celebration. You might be asking yourself what to get for your father. You want to give something personal, and sometimes a greeting card or a tie just doesn’t cut it.

If your father enjoys anything from wine, to food, to golf or chocolates, a gift basket is a unique and and satisfying way to go. It is great option because it has a combination of gifts all in one. It’s a gift your dad can open and enjoy right at that moment, and you can also ensure that it is more personal by picking a specific theme that you know he’d love.

Gift Baskets for Father’s Day

#1 - California Wine and Craft Beer Basket 


California Wine and Craft Beer Basket

The one that has it all for Dad is the California Wine and Craft Beer Gift Basket - One of our most popular gift baskets complete with Beer, Wine, and gourmet treats. He will love it. 


 #2 - Dom Perignon Champagne Gift basket

If you want to go over the top - maybe you forgot your Dad last year or you just really want to make a big statement - look no further than our Dom Perignon Champagne Gift Basket. This is another one of our best selling gift baskets. A lot or you got one for Mom this past Mother's Day. Dad will love it too.


 #3 - California Wine Gift basket

California Wine Gift basket

A Wine Loving Dad will love this California Wine Gift Basket featuring wines from the Napa Cellars Vineyard. This best selling gift basket is a great option, especially if it comes with a night of quality time spent with your Dad!


 #4 - Golfers' Delight Gift basket

Golfers' Delight Gift basket

Golfer's Delight Sports Gift Basket - Does your Dad love to golf? This cooler bag gift may be the perfect mix of tying in fun treats that can be enjoyed right away on Father’s Day with a hobby he loves and a something that can be enjoyed again and again. After you consume all the gourmet treats, the cooler bag can be packed up again and again and taken to the course.


 #5 - California Sierra Grandeur Wine Gift Basket

California Sierra Grandeur Wine Gift Basket - Five bottles of California wine!! Truly a gift to remember!!!


The Origins of Father’s Day

The history of Father’s Day in the world goes back for centuries. In the Catholic Church during the middle ages, fathers were celebrated on March 19th, otherwise known as the feast day of Saint Joseph. This influence is still popular in Europe and Latin America. In America, we started celebrating Father’s Day as we know it in the early 1900s. Originally the holiday was seen as a complement to Mother’s Day and is celebrated in June. The first celebrations of the holiday in America was intended as a way to honor fathers who have passed on, via church sermons in the honor of fatherhood.

Unfortunately, these first celebrations of the holiday didn’t immediately take off and weren’t widely publicized. In 1910, Sonora Smart Dodd helped popularize the celebration in her own church, in honor of her veteran father who raised six children as a single parent. Initially there was some pushback for fear of commercialization but in time people recognized how important it is to honor fathers. The holiday was officially signed into law in 1972.

How We Celebrate Today

Many celebrations throughout the world exist to honor fathers. Celebrations in some cultures are tied to religious festivals or to honor a specific anniversary. In the United States, the holiday is often marked by gift-giving and greeting cards. Celebrations for Father’s Day are often fun, informal get-togethers. It’s popular for families to gather in backyards and barbecue to take advantage of the warm summer weather while they celebrate together. It’s also popular for sporting events to be scheduled on Father’s Day so families’ can spend time together by participating or watching together.

A gift basket is a great way to thank your Dad for everything he does for you and make sure that they give into the little indulgences that he might not think to do for himself.


Additional Father's Day Gift options

  • 23andme. This can be a little more expensive than most gift baskets, but this is an incredible gift to share with you Dad and well worth it. There are two types of kits. The first is for ancestry information only, and the second is for ancestry and health information. The kit comes with a plastic tube and a returnable envelope. Your Dad will need to spit into the tube and then put the tube in the envelope and send it back to 23andme in the mail. After a few weeks, the results are then available online.
  • A Fun and Unique Lovepop Card. Consider these fun pop up options from Lovepop. Lovepop’s paper sculptures are a great way to make your gift a little more special — and you’ll know that your card won’t just be forgotten in a drawer.
  • A Gift Card for his Hobby. All dads have hobbies. From cooking to golfing; fishing to sports or woodworking - there is likely something that your dad loves to do, and some tools that he can use for that hobby. If you’re not too sure what that tool may be, try a gift card from a store that specializes in that particular hobby or passion. Bets are he’ll know exactly what he’s going to buy with it right away!

While you’re getting ready for Father’s Day, don’t forget to honor all of the father figures in your life. This can range from a teacher who stepped up as an influential mentor in and outside the classroom to an uncle or grandfather that helped out in the home. This might also be a mom who managed to take on the work of two parents. Make sure your father or father figure feels the love this Father’s Day by doing something special for them.

Ready to go gift shopping? Start searching for the perfect Father’s Day gift now.

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