California Themed Gifts For All Occasions

California Themed Gifts For All Occasions

California Themed Gifts For All Occasions


Why choose California themed gifts for your corporate occasion? Well, if you live in California, the answer is obvious. It’s a chance to support local businesses, treat your employees to delicious local tastes, and show your golden state pride. But you don’t have to be in California to enjoy California themed gifts. You don’t even have to be from California, although a gift basket from your home state can certainly be a welcome comfort if that’s the case.

To the rest of the country, even those who have never been to California, the mention of the golden state carries connotations. It brings to mind images of relaxing on the beach, watching the sun go down at the end of a light, pleasant day. Others might associate California with movies and all the glitter and glamour of Hollywood. In a 2013 poll by Business Insider, California was voted by Americans all over the country to have some of the best food and was the favorite state overall.1

California themed gifts can transport employees to seemingly another world. A gift basket with a California theme is just than a gift basket from anywhere else.


California Themed Gifts In the Corporate World

We think California themed gifts are perfect for all corporate occasions, but there are some events in which a California gift basket is just the obvious choice.

Golden Gourmet Wine Gift Basket

For instance, California themed gift baskets to welcome a new client from California offers a warm, thoughtful touch. Consider ordering the California Golden Gourmet Wine Gift Basket as a farewell or retirement gift for a loyal employee moving on to the next chapter of their life, or show a new employee what kind of company you are by presenting them with our California Delicious gourmet gift basket. The Memories of California Champagne Gift Basket can make an office party in the summer sparkle, or the California Fruit and Wine Basket can evoke a feeling of summer during the office’s annual meeting in January.

And these are just a few occasions that can be made better by California themed gifts. With a wide selection of gift baskets, you can really find California themed gifts to suit whatever your office needs might be.

But an HR manager has to deal with the little details. They need to know how much to order and ensure that it arrives on time. They have to make sure that corporate gifts don’t trigger the allergies of the recipient. And perhaps most importantly, they have to think of corporate gifts creatively, so that each one feels personal and not like the same generic gift basket over and over again. In a world as fast-paced and busy as the corporate world, how can an HR manager find gifts that feel personal each time?

TheBestGiftBaskets can help with that, too.


California Themed Gifts — Personalized

But with so many gift baskets out there, how can you ensure that your corporate gift does not feel, well, corporate? Personalized gifts are on the rise in the market, and for good reason.2 Everyone likes to feel special, that their gift was purchased with them in mind specifically, but this can be an impossible task for an HR manager who doesn’t have time to personalize every gift for every occasion themselves.

Fortunately, we have several personalization options that can make it easier. This can be as simple as hand tags, ribbons, or bows for large orders, handwritten gift cards, or custom messages. You can even personalize the contents of the California gift basket itself. Maybe your company has a particular product that you’d like to be added to the basket.

Or you can build your own custom box from our supply of California gourmet. Have a coworker who really loves Sonoma Jack cheese and Chandon champagne? Talk to one of our sales representatives about personalizing your California themed gifts.


California Themed Gifts With The Best Products

A Taste of Napa Valley Wine Gift Basket

It’s one thing to have California themed gifts from California. Our baskets choose our products carefully. California is well known for wine country and local creameries. We work with some of the favorite manufacturers to offer gift baskets with products like Sonoma Jack or Monterey Jack cheese, Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley, and Ghirardelli chocolate. We have gourmet meats and savory flavors and organic baskets of fruit fresh from California orchards.

We don’t just have tastes of California in our gifts — we have the best. California corporations can enjoy their favorite brands, and corporations as far as the east coast can experience the finest flavors of California, all in a corporate gift basket.

You don’t have to be a California business to enjoy the benefits of California themed gifts. No matter what your occasion, these carefully curated, customizable gift baskets will make an impression about the kind of company you are and how well employees are appreciated.

Give any corporate occasion that extra sparkle with California themed gift baskets from California Delicious.


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2. Global Personalized Gifts Market Size to Reach USD 31.63 Billion by 2021: Technavio - BusinessWire
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