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5 Gifts for Nurses: The Best Gift Baskets to lift their spirits

Everyone has been impacted by the coronavirus quarantine. We have been told the safest thing to do for everyone is to stay in our homes and practice social distancing.

But this does not apply to everyone. Essential workers including doctors and nurses, police, grocery workers, truckers, and many more have worked tirelessly through this crisis to ensure the rest of us can be looked after if we get sick, and eat if we are not. 

Many of us yearn to say thanks. I have been uplifted by the incredibly thoughtful gift messages that have seen sent over the past two months. America has a soul, and it is kind and generous.  

And out of all those wonderful messages of thanks and appreciation, none stand out more than the kind words of appreciation sent to Nurses across the country. If you feel the need to send a gift of appreciation for this under appreciated profession (my mother was a Nurse), we thought we would suggest some great Gift Baskets to send that will let you safely show them your love and appreciation.


#1. Gourmet Celebration Gift Basket

Is one of your loved ones an essential worker who is still going into work? You can spread some cheer to them and their coworkers by sending them this Gourmet Celebration Gift Basket designed to be shared throughout their entire office. This gift basket contains a wide variety of gourmet treats that everyone will have something to enjoy no matter which way their taste buds lean. Everyone will appreciate the fact that you took the time to send them a treat to make the workday a little bit easier. 


#2. Golden Gourmet Gift Basket

If you really want to go all out, or are sending a gift to Nursing Station for sharing, this Golden Gourmet Gift Basket has something for everyone, including 5 bottles of wine that can be divided up and taken home.  Not to mention that is comes loaded with lots of gourmet goodies for sharing and the "hug" you can’t give them in person. 

#3. For the In-Between Moments

If someone in your life is an essential worker, especially if they are in the healthcare industry, now is a fantastic time to show them that you care about them. In order to stay safe, people are constantly sanitizing and cleaning their hands. Your loved ones may be in need of some luxurious self-care to relax and to save their skin! This Fields of Lavender Gift Basket includes everything they will need to take a relaxing bath and help them feel less stressed!

#4. Something Special

California Wine Gift Basket

Do you know someone missing out on a special occasion like celebrating a friend’s baby shower or an anniversary party or maybe their own birthday because they are working? This California Wine Gift Basket will ease the pain! Two incredible wines from classic California vineyards, this incredible basket comes loaded with gourmet gifts great for sharing or just keeping to yourself! 


#5. For When it is All Over

Moet and Chandon Gift Basket

All of our social lives have been impacted by the quarantine; but none have been affected as much as the Nurses, Doctors, and other front line workers in our society. One day, we will turn the corner and start to look at this disaster in the rearview mirror. That is the day for celebration. Send a Moet and Chandon Gift Basket to help get the celebration started! 

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  • Wendy Jones 12:31 PM

    I work on the frontlines and it has been so hard working in this COVID 19 virus . I love helping everyone I can and will what I can to me sure there’s taking care of no matter what

  • Kabir Sandhu 12:31 PM

    This is for my mum she work as CNA in hospital I really appreciate what my mum do she’s the frontliner for the hospital questioning all the patient and visitor coming to the hospitals. I love ❤️ my mum soo much knowing with all this pandemic gg on she’s always in the hospital and worried about love u mum mwah

  • Bernadette 12:31 PM

    Thank you so much Bill for kindly donating such an amazing and delicious basket to my nurses and I. With one email, Bill showed us how much our hard work is appreciated. Thank you

  • Bernadette 12:31 PM

    Thank you so much Bill for kindly donating such an amazing and delicious basket to my nurses and I. With one email, Bill showed us how much our hard work is appreciated. Thank you

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