5 Best Gift Baskets of 2021

5 Best Gift Baskets of 2021

The Best Gift Baskets 2021

It has been another crazy year, but mercifully, there has been a hint of normalcy returning. People are traveling again. Football stadiums have been filled. And while many are still nervous, it is nice that we have been able to see more of loved ones in 2021.

I have been heart-warmed by the resilience of so many, adapting to this strange work-from-home world still, managing both work and family as best as possible. 

I often say I wish everyone could read the gift messages we send with our gifts. It shows to me that America has a kind and caring soul, and that it is unshakable. Thank you for all the kind and thoughtful gestures you have made for others over the course of this year. In my books, you are all heroes. 

That all said, I wanted to also share with you our Best Sellers of 2021. They are all GREAT choices, and I am certain they have lifted up those who have received them!


#1.  California Wine and Craft Beer Gift Basket

California Wine and Craft Beet Basket

A Taste of California Gift Basket features four California IPA beer to enjoy along with tasty snacks including chocolate drizzled popcorn, nuts, and much more! We get lots of emails from recipients telling us how much they LOVED this gift!!

#2. Baby Grand Veuve Clicquot Champagne Gift Basket

Baby Grand Veuve Clicquot Champagne Gift Basket

If you need to make a BIG thank you, The Baby Grand Veuve Clicquot Champagne Gift Basket is a great choice! IA  Veuve Clicquot Champagne, the recipient will receive gourmet indulgences like truffles, cookies, and delicious chocolate toffee brittle. This is the perfect choice if you want to mark a special occasion and impress!

#3.  A Taste of Napa Wine Gift Basket

A Taste of Napa Gift Basket

A perennial favorite, with two California Reds along with snacks like mustards and cheese on bruschetta crisps or sweet Ghirardelli chocolate squares. This gift basket is fantastic to share! Its beautiful design also gives a real holiday feel!

#4. Napa Cellars California Gourmet Gift Basket

Napa Cellers California Gourmet Gift Basket

It is the wine that makes this basket so popular. A variety of Napa Cellars, a Napa Valley favorite, with just enough goodies to snack on, this gift ALWAYS makes an incredible impression! 

#5. A Taste of California Wine Gift Basket

This gift is always one of our best sellers. Great value and fun California theme are two of the reasons it is so popular. This is another one you might one to also order for yourself!!  

Looking for something different? Be sure to check out some of our other favorite gift baskets

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