5 Best Welcome Gifts for New Employee

5 Best Welcome Gifts for New Employee

New Employee Gift Baskets

You want to show your new employee that you appreciate having them there and look forward to working with them. More importantly, you want to show them the best of your company and instill a sense of loyalty in them. The best way to do this is with a great new employee gift. In fact, a study by Harvard Business Review actually showed that employees responded to gifts more positively than they responded to bonuses.1 So it’s an even more positive gesture when you get a gift just for walking in on your first day. It’s about recognition, which is why you should beware of a gift that feels impersonal or last minute.

Corporate gifts are pretty commonplace these days. As our friend Alex Ferrero at The Grommet says, “It used to be a pen at 10 years and a ring that looked like you won the Super Bowl at 20 years. Now we see companies celebrating achievements with more gifts that start with new hires, and continue through the first year, the second year, 5th year, and beyond.” So offering gifts for new hires hardly sets you apart anymore — it has to be a good gift.

Welcome Gifts for New Employees

Presenting welcome gifts for new employees offers long-term benefits for many companies. The main reason to give new hire gifts is to impress your new hires and instill loyalty, of course. Employees who feel more appreciated from the get-go are more likely to stay with the company, so new hire gifts are a great way to encourage retention. Excellent welcome gifts for new employees to help them to feel like part of the team. And that’s something important since retention is a major problem for employees. In fact, statistics show that about 3 million Americans quit their job every year.2

For companies, a gift basket with high-quality products feels thoughtful and exciting — not to mention delicious. Here are five of our favorite welcome gift baskets for new employees.

#1: California Sierra Grandeur Wine Gift Basket 

Make a grand statement of thanks with the California Grandeur wine and Gourmet Gift Basket that is full of treats for the entire office. With FIVE bottles of California Wine (2 Red, 2 White, and 1 Sparkling) and stuffed full of delicious treats, this gift basket will make a BIG impression. It feels like a celebration. Want to show a new employee how enthusiastic you are about having them with your company? This is the one.


#2: Taste of California Wine Gift Basket 

Have a new executive coming in for their first day in the new position? Why settle for anything less than the best? Here you can find Monterey Jack cheese, garlic stuffed olives, Ghirardelli chocolate squares, and of course, two different types of wine from Regalo Valley Ranch: one cabernet pinot noir and one chardonnay. Whether your new employee prefers white wine or red wine (or both!), this gift basket is for them. All California ingredients, all rich and flavorful. This is a great basket for any new employee. 


#3: Fields of Lavender Spa Gift Basket

Food gift baskets aren’t the only welcome gifts for new employees. This spa gift basket will help a new employee to not only feel appreciated and excited about working for you but at ease in their new position, a difficult thing to achieve on the first day. New hires who are women especially tend to feel under-appreciated and unwelcome in corporate settings. Long-standing corporate culture can make them feel as though they have to work twice as hard as their male counterparts in order to receive the same appreciation. This gift basket shows that you respect and appreciate your female coworkers, and they can appreciate a relaxing spa weekend with vanilla orchid body lotion, mist, and butter, spiced pear tea, nail brush and pumice set.


#4: California Golden Gourmet Wine Gift Basket 

When the boss finds a great welcome gift for new employees, it’s a thoughtful touch. However, shopping for welcome gifts for a new boss — say a Vice President or a new manager — can be a challenge. You don’t want to get anything condescending. It’s perhaps even more important to make a good impression. This gift basket is not just tasty and overflowing with authentic California tastes, it’s also one of the classiest gift baskets you can find. From the embossed gold basket to the trio of wines and chocolate truffles, this gift basket spells sophistication. It includes smoked salmon, Almond Roca, chocolate truffles, brie cheese, and more! 

#5: Napa Cellars California Gourmet Wine Gift Basket

Napa Cellars California Gourmet Wine Gift Basket

Featuring three bottles from the Napa Cellars vineyard, this wine gift basket makes a big statement as a warm welcome gift for new employees. This gift also includes Rosemary and Olive Oli Flatbread, Sonoma Jacks Cheese,  Chocolate Toffee, Ghirardelli chocolate, and much more! 

When choosing welcome gifts for new employees, consider the employee themselves: where they come from and the role they’re taking on. Then choose your corporate gift basket as specifically as possible. With so many gift baskets at TheBestGiftBaskets.com you’re sure to find something to wow your new employee.


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