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Lucca's Italian Favorites Buddies Gift Box for Dog Owners

Lucca's Italian Favorites Buddies Gift Box for Dog Owners

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Buon Appetito! Unleash the Flavorful Fun with Our Italian-Inspired Gift Box – perfect for any occasion, from heartfelt thank-yous to celebratory moments. This delightful gift brings a taste of Italy to both the dog owner and their furry friend!

For the humans, enjoy the charm of paw-shaped pasta paired with a delicious pasta sauce. Meanwhile, your pup can embark on a culinary adventure with a squeaky chicken toy, a playful pizza dog toy, and tasty Pup-peroni dog treats. It's a paw-licious celebration for both the Italian food lover and their canine companion!

As you savor the flavors and enjoy the playful moments, here's to the joy of shared experiences and the bonds that make every meal special. Mangia! (Eat!)

Product Details:
Human: Paw-shaped pasta, Sonoma Pasta Sauce
Dog: Pup-peroni Treats, Squeaky Chicken Toy, Pizza Crunchy and Plush Toy

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