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California Themed Gifts For All Occasions

Why choose California themed gifts for your corporate occasion? You don’t have to be in California to enjoy California themed gifts. You don’t even have to be from California, although a gift basket from your home state can certainly be a welcome comfort if that’s the case.  We believe California themed gifts are perfect for all corporate occasions and highlight occasions in which a California gift basket is just the ticket.

Best Gift Baskets - 2018

The Holidays are a time of appreciation. Clients, colleagues, employees, family, and friends. We have selected some our most popular (and personal favorites) for you to consider as gifts of thanks and appreciation this Holiday Season.

8 Unique Corporate Gift Baskets

As a human resource manager, you have to be able to find gift baskets to fit every occasion in the office. The problem is, many of those corporate gift baskets are just...boring. Here are 8 unique corporate gift baskets for clients and employees for you to consider.

5 Best Welcome Gifts for New Employee

You want to show your new employee that you appreciate having them there and look forward to working with them. More importantly, you want to show them the best of your company and instill a sense of loyalty in them. The best way to do this is with a great new employee gift. In fact, a study by Harvard Business Review actually showed that employees responded to gifts more positively than they responded to bonuses.1 So it’s an even more positive gesture when you get a gift just for walking in on your first day. It’s about recognition, which is why you should beware a gift that feels impersonal or last minute.